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we think these people are sitting there eating ho-hos -- >> for the last year and a half the obama administration keep saying things are getter in just a million -- >> it lags. >> how long in, a decade? >> hopefully as soon as we get out of the -- >> help me out here. >> loopholes in the system. the guy in michigan who won the lottery, won $2 million, and all of his money had been tied up in investments so because of that and because his income didn't register properly he was able to access food stamps. so so many people have their satellite tv and big screen tv and high-end amen it ins -- ameants and still accessing wood stamps. >> according to the odd it for, 1% fraud. >> we're very good friends. >> we are. >> where the world is there 1% waste and fraud? >> fraud in terms of people cashing in food stamp benefits for something else. >> a lot more people than that accessing the benefits -- >> there's a lot of people using it as a part of the culture of dough people dense -- dependency. this is supposed to be a temporary fix for people out the trying to get a job, pounding the pavem
expedience si they -- spendensy they turn from it. here's senator obama and other democrats. >> i happen to be a proponent of single payer? everybody in? let me ask you. single payer healthcare. system. that is what i'd like to see. but we may not get there immediately. >> i believe the goal here is to create whatever legislation we 1/2 a way that could be developed into something like a single payer system. >> i'm all for a single payer system. we have to work with what we've got to close the gap. >> neil: unless you can say what we've got is a bunch of insurance companies gouging you through the nose. their costs have again up to cover people with preexisting conditions and this plays out almost to script. >> what they never talk about is how to lower prices without government intervention so tort reform is one thing we haven't seen. the reason why insurance costs are so high is because doctors and insurers have to pay for insurance to cover lawsuits they have to take care of in terms of what the system was set up as, they never talk about the implication office a single payer system.
move president obama and other western powers will act on. but growing indications they will act because some vital shipping sports, for at least much of europe, is at stake. which means stable oil prices here could be at stake. phil is tracking this closely. we should first posit we're talking about crude which is shipped through the suez candle -- canal. >> the fallout could be swift. we have seen prices of crude and oil price goes up in anticipation of problems in the middle east, since the fourth of july, since the situation in libya and egypt and then seara. we have put in a huge premium on the prices, and because of the area, in every major oil producer in the world has a major stake in this, either one side or the other, and are not on the same side. it could be the biggest energy crisis we have seen in years if we get into a war in syria. >> neil: for the time being in europe's interest, even more than our own, for the time being to do something about this. they're feeling the spike now. right? >> they are feeling the spike in europe. this is a great story. if this had ha
obama. reports estimating hundreds of billions already stolen in intellectual property at a national infrastructure at risk. officials still say they're developinging the cause of this glitch. we can't say who or what is responsible. still, one security expert says, while an interruption of trading is not a devastating blow, it certainly would give credence to the argument that we are under attack and the government has to be more pro-active. the push for cyberregulation, critical infrastructure will get much stronger in congress and the white house. all that depends on whether this was a simple technical error or deliberate act. the securities and exchange commission said it held a conference call with stock market officials soon after the nasdaq outage began and continued as nasdaq tried to work out the problem. an fbi spokesperson for the new york field office tells fbn they are aware of the issue and the nasdaq but have no further comment. treasury secretary jack lue is the chair of the financial stability oversight counsel, the dodd frank regulatory overhaul created the fsoc. lo
. the department of justice, the obama administration are using the same rules designed to protect minority children to actually keep them trapped in failing public schools. we've got 8,000 kids in the scholarship program. 100% are low income. 100% came out of c, d, or f public schools. 93% of their parents are happier in the schools that they're in. 100% of their parents chose to put them in other schools. we're saving taxpayers money, delivering a better education, and the governor is right. the speech was amazing 50 years ago, that we should be judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin. he's exactly right. to achieve that dream, we're trying to do that in louisiana. my parents came here over 40 years ago in search of the american dream, confident if you worked hard, it didn't matter what race you were or who you knew. that's what we're trying to deliver for our kids. that's why it's just ridiculous to me that the obama administration would side with teachers unions over these young children. >> do you think that was the case, that this was teachers unions winning
is medicaid, medicare, social security entitlements. now we're getting ready to throw obama care on top of that. do you really believe that any of these agencies aren't going to say you are no longer a risk-free borrower? as a matter of fact, we came off that list when we went from aaa to aa-plus. we are no longer a risk-free borrower anymore, neil. my question is, why aren't we doing something about it? >> so you're angry at speaker boehner for kind of just going along the limp along here? >> well, boehner's going to have to make a choice here, neil. he's going to have to say, look, i don't care if i lose my speakership or if i lose my job as a congressman. i'm going to have to tell the american people we have to make these cuts. we've got to hold the line. this whole nonsense about the default, the only way that would happen is if treasury secretary luo wanted default. we pay our bills, we still get along, but we're going to have to deal with entitlements. neil, we can't kick the can any further down the road. >> it's amazing. craig, thank you very much. our chairman craig smith in ph
work to parttime work, every single day now. the arrest of obama -- the reality of obamacare is starting to hurt real people. >> you mention your state, and your governor, rick scott, made news by demanding that jesse jackson apologize to floridians for awful but calling them racist, and saying that in light of the zimmerman verdict, that the state had been mischaracterized, and he really into dial it back. what do you think of that? >> i think jesse jackson has a long history of making outrageous comments and the only thing sadder is the fact that people still pay attention to some of them. what he says is outrageous and for people who live in florida or visited florida, you know how outrageous those comments are. but he has along history of saying those things to get noticed and to be relevant. i don't think we should pay much attention to it. >> neil: i want to go to immigration reform. part of the gang of eight to try to cobble together some sort of agreement. some of your colleagues in that group are scratching their heads over you seemingly switching positions. maybe yo
of the united states, barack obama, said that if they use these weapons it would, quote, cross a red line. and we would be compelled to act. now, when the president of the united states makes that statement, then obviously there can't be any avenue except one to take action, and my -- >> neil: what is your definition of action? you said earlier that three days of missile strikes -- i'm paraphrasing -- might not cut it. what would? >> attacking their -- the five or six air fields that bashar assad has. you can take out their fuel storage and runways and you can basically take out their air force, which is some 50 airplane, many of which are flying irregularly, and you can get weapons into the right people at, the right kind of weapons that work against tanks and -- >> neil: more than missile strikes, right, sir? would it involved american boots on the ground? >> of course not. we could never put american boots on the ground for a whole variety of reasons but we can get the weapons and capabilities to generalled dress -- general idris and his people and take out the air assets. those are cr
with barack obama, i would vote for an orange juice can. hillary clinton is obama in a dress. as for chris christie, i will do everything i can to make sure he is note nominee. >> neil: why don't you like him? >> he is a gerald ford republican. your home state of new jersey is still a financial disaster. is he better than the democrats that preceded him? yes, who is it? i'm all for that but he didn't sign on to challenge obamacare. why not? he didn't have to pay a cent to do that. he is weak on immigration reform, an amnesty go, a greeny when it comes to the epa. just signed ten out of 15 gun control laws. >> neil: cut millionaire taxeses. >> he hasn't done enough and if we keep nominating republicans, moderates from the northeast. we'll keep getting our lunch handed to us. what is our example of a great victorious president, solid conservative president. the most conservative we ever nominated to run for president, ronald reagan, wins in a landslide and the republican party is trying to figure out how to not dish. >> neil: moderate is not the way to go. >> why support a moderate when we h
presidents could be good lessons for president obama. >> neil: depends on when the crisis hits you. no one is saying that this president was behind botching surveillance efforts or go too far north far enough. many like chris christie argued he is just following up on bush policies. but to not even acknowledge they appear to have gone too far with many americans, rightly or wrongly, feel they've have. misses a golden jfk moment. >> absolutely. you want to admit there's a problem before you try to solve the problem. and again, the president is in charge. a president has to take responsibility, and you mentioned a number of these instances before for jfk, the bay of pigs a perfect example. kennedy admitted it was his fault. his popularity goes up because people aren't used to people in charge admitting they were wrong and taking responsibility. he did it on civil rights when you had rioting in civil rights demonstrators beaten, and he had not properly prepared and planned for that eventuality. he blamed himself for that. self other instances during the kennedy administration when he did that
. this is a "new york times" op-ed. president obama most make clear his opposition to the egyptian military's conduct. he can do so by immediately suspending military aid, canceling joint military exercises scheduled for september. the president did just that. but aaron cohen says he needs to pull the money out now and you say, think long and hard about ever giving anymore more there for a while. that's the concern there now? would go to no good or what? >> my concern is that the 1.3 to $1.4 billion that we're going to be giving to egypt is going the egyptian military, and the egyptian military is trying to eradicate the muslim brotherhood, and the problem is no egyptian leaders have been able to eliminate the muslim brotherhood since 1928. that's going to force a vacuum, blood bath, which is exactly what the muslim brotherhood, which is essentially terrorist organization, want. they're ideology is hard wired to the point where, so be it, if the bloodshed is what will be, that's what it takes to rule, then that is what it's going to be and that's part of their ideology and what they're forc
democrats, signing this letter to president obama, in it they say that the president needs congress' okay before authorizing any military strike on syria, and that anything short of that would violate the constitution. virginia republican congressman is a fellow leading this charge. he says that speaker john boehner needs to call back house members right now to discuss any syria action. the president, we're told, just called speaker baner to discuss concerns in this letter and the legal justification for any potential military action. now to the guy who authored the letter. very good to have you. >> thank you, neil. it's an important topic. >> neil: the key republican house leadership, including speaker boehner, have not signed this letter. what am toy read into that? >> ite knock surprised and certainly not offended. the speaker has ratcheted up his requirement or expectation of the president. he has not yet come forth with a definitive request for statutory authorization, and i think that's a clear difference and something i hope the speaker really insists on. we are the 140 members you
, that would be taken by young people that are critical for mr. obama to have his part of obamacare. because without the young, healthy people, buying insurance, there's not enough money to pay for the older people that will use more services. as max bachus said, this is the train wreck, neil, and ceos under it. how can we plan going forward with this type of nonsense coming out of washington? and, hey, this is without even talking about what is going to happen in september and october, with the battle over the continuing resolution, the raising of the debt ceiling. neil, i can't imagine -- by the way i know you're going to think this is a shameless plug but on fox business, which you should demand if you don't get -- the coverage this morning was so spot on. i watched another network, forgive me, for a few seconds and nothing but cheerleading. everything is great and find. in the meantime, fox business dug through the numbers and they look at what the real effect it on the economy, and i got to tell you something. i'm a very optimistic person by nature. but you can't look at the raw data an
geithner does have the ear of the president. people forget how much president obama likes tim geithner. >> neil: he likes larry summers? >> he does he does. >> neil: this guy would be third choice? >> middle choice. cohen was advisor and respected. much more of a central banker i am told. >> neil: he came out of no one. >> i hear that tim geithner is pushing him big time. i broke it on fox business network. they have no comment. they are not denying it. >> neil: circle of friends is the book. is there any way i can get -- friend of mine went to the bookstore and it was gone. [ laughter ] >> neil: they bought them up. anyway, you got get the book. so this billionaire just bought a newspaper. so did this billionaire, that he has no way what he is getting in to. >> never pick a fight with guy that buys ink by the barrel. that is what jeff thinks. ♪ (tires screeching) red hot deal days are back. (alarm beeping) stop foro one. what? it's red hot deal days. get $100 off the samsung galaxy note ii with features like pop-up play. lets you use any app while watching video. or use the s pen fo
: tick, tick, tick. president obama and his secretary of state john kerry laying out the case for moving forward on a strike on syria, with or without our allies. while colonel danny mcknight doesn't like what its about to go down. >>> welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. the president says the action in syria will be considered a limited narrow act. might want to seek the advice of one danny mcknight who remembers another humanitarian mission gone terribly wrong, in that case, somalia, one that ended with u.s. soldiers being dragged through the streets. not a good ending, and the colonel fears this one might not be, either. colonel, an honor to have you. what's your biggest worry? >> well, my biggest worry is simple. i don't really understand what the strategic vision is here, what is the outcome going to be. when you don't know the outcome what you worry about is the follow-on, what its retaliation by syria and are we now not going to be involved in a war we don't want to be in? >> neil: in somalia you can bring me up to speed. the idea was to get food and help out people in the middle
, and if obama wants to shut down the government, that's up to him. we're sending a bill to harry reid right now that funds the government all but obamacare but the republicans don't do that. they're attacking ted cruz, rand paul, mike lee, down the list. the republican party seems to think that timidity is the way forward. it's not neil kneeling when ted cruz and others support linking this to funding the government, and it's an uphill battle and won't go anywhere, then why keep pursuing it? >> i don't know. why pursue any battle in just go along with the flow all the time? the answer is, no. if reagan had gone along with the flow there never would have been a reagan. reagan had to fight the republican establish independent three primaries to be the nominee of the republican party, and then win in two landslides. this is a problem conservatives have within the republican party. and so the issue isn't, you're going to have a civil war, you're going to hurt the republican party. the issue is, what is right for america, and somebody, some party, has to stand up and take on the -- >> neil: i unde
will be chatting with jay. >> we're excited. president obama is going to be on the show tomorrow night. he'll be sitting right there. so if you're coming to the show tomorrow night, remember, security very, very tight tomorrow. you'll be patted down more than an intern at the san diego mayor's office. that's how bad. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know some owls aren't that wise? don't forget i'm having brunch with meghan tomorrow. who? meghan, my coworker. who? seriously? you've met her like three times. who? (sighs) geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. ...and a great deal. grrrr! ahhh! let's leave the deals to perfect! yep, and no angry bears. up to 40% off. only at >> neil: a u.s. drone strike taking out four suspects in yemen but the threat is far, far from over. patience is about the only virtue the terrorist have, from the bombing in 1993, the uss cole attack in 2000, to the 9/11 attacks. al qaeda keeps coming, really never stops plotty, and do not expect any of that, or them to change. what is it that drives they're hatred? >> it's
the better, but i don't think we're going to get it with these people. i don't think obama will do what should be done, lower tax rates and broaden the tax base, a flat tax, the jerry brown idea, but we need spending restraint. we need control coming back at the fed. we need free trade. we need regulatory reforms so we don't have overburdening of the growth sector of this economy. so, all of this put together, we need action. but i just don't expect we're going to get it before 2014-2016. i'd loaf to see them. >> neil: what normally shakes them to the core, market tantrum. both parties. not like in october 1987 septemberoff or 1929 but something where the markets collectively express their rage and say, game over, gig is up. barring that do you expect anything to change? >> i don't think so. i don't think we'll have a market thing like that. markets are very, very lie, neil, compared to profits, interest rates and historical relationships. so. >> neil: you're right about that. a lot of people don't know that but you look at the valuation of the market, according to historical norms, pri
by tax dollars i'm skeptical. you might point out that team obama has been very good at persuading young people. they won the youth vote in 2008, and last year. this isn't just voting. this i money, and if you're the obamacare folks you have to persuade near universal participation among young people for the funding mechanism, the entire game plan for the law to work out, and the calculus is not rocket science. it's pretty simple for young, healthy people. it's really a raw deal for them, especially if they're going to be trying to buy obamacare on the individual market. >> neil: the bottom line is for young guys like you, you really have no incentive to buy. even with the penalty, you are you weigh everything and say, i'll take my chances and not bother. >> so, next year in 2014, when this law is supposed to get off the ground -- although we have seen the various delays and might be more -- it's a $95 individual mandate tax, or 1% of your income. 95 bucks really isn't all that much. it makes all the sense in the world to pay that $95 and remain uninsured and here's why if you're a young
talk about yesterday. bob bauer, the obama campaign lawyer, is the one who instituted this at the fecfec staff went to lois learner, lois lane lerner. he ended up as the irs chief counsel. on the stuff on the nsa -- this is part of the same attack on american democracy, we have people getting up here with these canards saying, look at our program, we got all this information. it had nothing do do with the 300 millions americans whose records they're taking. the nsa is supposed to be listening in yemen to people talking to each other and the chatter. but you may believe, and i suppose we should give the government the benefit of the doubt, but remember what they're also trying to knock off the air. the fact that the dea is sharing the information and using it with informant and trying to cover that up. the fact that mr. brennan who left the white house and went over to the cia and is conducting, we found out this week, nondisclosure agreements and also polygraphing members of this vast number of cia agents who are on the ground, many of whom may have been casualties but
and pete sessions, how he blocked it at that point. that incident was obama supporters. >> neil: you focused a lot of your questions and issues with senator cornyn and others who are not behind this defunding effort, that they're helping the president, helping prop up obamacare and not a fan, right? >> what we're looking at is the failed leadership at its finest again. >> neil: he wouldn't go -- we're showing just a cutout that you did of him because he wouldn't show up to your event. >> yes, the north dallas area has been asking senator cornyn for a town hall for over who two years. we decide today hold him accountable publicly so the citizens knew we were doing our part as tea partiers to hold these people accountable. they're enabling this administration, they've been continuing to enable that administration since the sweep we gave them in 2009 to get rid of obamacare. >> neil: when folks like senator cruz say it's an uphill battle, it's not impossible, to defund this thing, or at least attach it to a budget shutdown and go nowhere fast, then aren't they wasting their time? >> no,
nominee. i think i remember 2008 saying the same thing. if true, barack obama wasn't an also ran challenger, he had a lot of heft behind him but he was dismissed. it was hillaryry's nomination to lose and she lost. i guess does she look a good from afar but when the campaign is on, she's far from good and someone else could emerge. >> somebody else could emerge but the racket is around hillary clinton. i've done tons of shows and they want to talk about 2016. >> we get it wrong all the time. >> who the g.o.p. will put up. >> journalist said jimmy carter was going nowhere. they get it wrong all the time. >> but i mean what people are talking about is the hillary clinton run. there's nobody as of -- >> neil: you don't understand. i don't dismiss she's going to run. i dismiss the notion she's going to get the nomination. >> looking around, whose out there, who is it going to be? nancy pelosi in harry reid? >> i'm telling you she will not be the democratic nominee. >> i think she will be. >> all right, i'm telling you, watch it. pam, remember this show. remember this moment, if i'm w
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22